The Temptress: Debauched Romance Part I

Heels“Do you really think … that it is weakness that yields to temptation? I tell you that there are terrible temptations that it requires strength, strength and courage, to yield to. To stake all one’s life on a single moment, to risk everything on one throw, whether the stake be power or pleasure, I care not — there is no weakness in that.”― Oscar Wilde

As Giuliana ran her soft fingers down my face, I mentally noted the tears threatening to fall from her rich, chocolate eyes and the slight tremor within her right hand as she inhaled deeply.

In the now empty conference room, Giuliana finally addressed me, in an octave far lower than her normally raspy voice. “My yearning for you, Reyna, captivatingly consumes me, each fucking day and night; what started as such a subtle state within my mind has turned into a never-ending fantasy that I need to make a reality.”

I struggled to move my eyes from being fixated on her red succulent lips to a metal clock on the wall but I couldn’t break the stupor that I was currently under.

Standing in front of me was a woman whom I had been lusting over since last April when I began working for Urban City Architects. This woman has haunted my dreams- dreams that caused me to become insomniac in ways.

Finally hearing out of her mouth this uttermost private admission that has not only tainted her mere existence but has haunted me on day’s end, I gradually began exhaling, trying to steady my breaths within my chest.

I had approximately twenty minutes until my next meeting.

Twenty minutes to play the Devil’s Advocate to the woman who was standing in front of me.

Her lips were slightly opened as I connected our lips together in one hard, passionate kiss. Her hands pulled my face closer as my hands grabbed her waist.



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A Very Important Relationship Lesson

If you’re a social media geek like me, then you have come across this quote multiple times or seen it on a few social media sites. If not, please read below:

- Grab a plate & throw it on the ground.

- Okay, done.

- Did it break?

- Yes.

- Now say sorry to it.

- Sorry.

- Did it go back to how it was?

- No.


downloadOkay, so, do you understand and valuable the meaning of that lesson. At the end of the day, people are very fragile. Sometimes, I must remember that people are very fragile creatures. I’m not going to apologize for how I feel. However, I will say this… always treat people with the same respect they give out.


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Racism & What the Fuck We Need to Understand

So, I’m scrolling through many news feeds when I came across this comment.

              “Why do we have to make every situation about race? I’m a young first generation American ‘white girl’, and I sympathize with African American people.”

Colbie Caillat once sung, “But I never told you….. What I should have said…. No, I never told you…. I just held it in…”

Do you all remember that song? Man, I remember that song. I had the biggest crush on a white woman during that time when that song came out. I think everyone had a crush on this girl at work. I still remember her addressing me one night when I was getting off of work in 2010. I was in my early twenties when she asked me the most compelling question and then stated, “Frankie, why do you always refer to me as ‘white’ girl? Why can’t you just refer to me as a girl, a woman? Remember, I’m just that.”

From that night on…. I addressed her correctly. J *shaking off the nostalgia*

I was addressing her that way because of a situation I experienced in my early teen years. When I was much younger, this white guy told me that I was “pretty cute” for a SMART, BLACK GIRL. 0.o Yes, I probably should have went ham but I was young-so young. That was my first time experiencing racism in Tennessee. I was only like 13, 14. So after that incident, I put all white Americans in the same boat. However, this woman taught me that race shouldn’t be an issue. We are all part of one race- the human race.

Racism is not an innate trait that we are born with. It is a characteristic flaw that is breed over time due to ignorance and being uneducated. Racism learned and instilled in us by others. Out of racism, certain privileges were born. “White Privilege” is one of the biggest contenders in America. “White Privilege” is the other side of racism that only certain Americans want to address. After “White Privilege”, you see other privileges broken down in specific races such as being light skin to being dark skin.

Nevertheless, the reason why every situation boils down to race in this country is because racism is rooted in every fucking problem we have. Let’s not front. Right now, ratchet ass Bill O’Reilly is leading a campaign that denies the existence of “white privilege” in America. He is only drawing this belief because he did NOT benefit from it growing up. 0.o Again, that’s like me denying that slavery didn’t happen because I wasn’t born during that century. *sips teas*

I hear the Mortal Kombat’s voice in my head saying, “FINISH HIM!” 250px-Fatality

Open Letter to Bill O’Reilly:

bruhYou don’t know me but you can get to know me. I think I’m pretty damn cool. Bruh, just because you didn’t benefit from “white privilege” growing up, does not mean it’s some made up bullshit. You’re Catholic, right? Do you see God walking around? No, you see him in people. Right? So, by denying “white privilege” existence is basically saying God does not exist. Or maybe, it’s how much you value something that determines if it exist or not? Right? Wrong! Being poor in America does not and should not excuse “white privilege”. However, racism is one of the biggest contender in this country that is currently driving allegiance in this country. It’s sad. It’s disgusting how the media treat other Americans all because of race.

Yeah, invite me to your show… invite me to lunch. I stay really close to Busboys and Poets. My treat! Let’s chat. You seem like a guy that loves to debate. I’m a woman that loves to debate when necessary. Let’s make that happen. Can we invite some people of the community too???!!!! This would be a great segment.

Kanye West’s Jesus Walks:

“Yo, We at war
We at war with terrorism, racism, and most of all we at war with ourselves..”

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No Flex Zone Friday-Topic: Justin Bieber’s Strip Show

What’s up, People!

Today, I’m introducing a new segment to this site. It’s called No Flex Zone Friday. AYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Rae Sremmurd got me here twerking this early on a Friday morning.

Okay, first thing first…. No Flex Zone Friday will be a day where I will give passes to individuals for either negative or ridiculous headlines they are featured in. Lol. I will try to give an opinion on why t140910163134-justin-bieber-fashion-rocks-2014-horizontal-galleryhey should get a pass on it.

The first person that will be featured on No Flex Zone Friday will be Justin Bieber for his impromptu strip show at “Fashion Rocks”. I bet the thots were going ham when he began stripping on stage. *sips morning tea*

Yes, we all know the dude has been in the news for his antics as of late. Months back, y’all even went so far as to make a change petition to get him deported back to Canada. 0.o All that effort you all put in that damn petition, you all could have marched to Washington to petition shit like abortion or domestic violence laws.

Of course, he was booed while performing this act. So, again, why was this even a damn headline? *sips morning tea again*


This time you will get a pass for this impromptu strip show. You gave the real thots what they truly wanted which was your body. You’re the real MVP. image

Hopefully, we can get some music from you soon. *sneaks sip of Patron*

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P.S.A. for Passive Aggressive People

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Tipping: Necessity or Common Courtesy?

Yesterday, one of my best friends pulled me into a debate on Facebook over tipping in a restaurant. I won’t name the individual who wrote the status because you all love to clap back at individuals over the internet without having any real common sense in the situation.

The direct Facebook status:

“Black people and teenagers, learn how to tip at restaurants or go directly to hell…..that is all”

I honestly blacked out when I read that status. First, let’s get it right, I’m African American. At the end of the day, I do tend to crack jokes about everyone- regardless of race. We are all part of the human race; so of course, I roast everyone. No fucks are ever given when I crack jokes or when I’m calling the ratchets out. The person who wrote this status is currently a server.

Of course, this debate goes on for a few hours on Facebook until the pers36-frabz-dafuq-e04e7cdafuq20480x311-wallpaper-480x311on, who originally wrote the status, decides to write that they were mad because the customers came in ten minutes before the closing time and stayed an hour later without tipping. So, they wrote a status because of the situation which singled out a racial and social class? Da fuq?! *face palm*

Now, I went in on that status because being cheap has nothing to do with your fucking skin color. First of all, being cheap depends on the individual who’s fucking tipping. Waiters/ Waitresses, I love you all. I try to tip the 20 percent/25 percent every time. However, tipping is not a necessity, by any means. Tipping is just a common courtesy for amazing customer service and you better hope your customer service is spectacular to even be getting tipped now a days. I have had numerous times where my server was flat out rude because of my skin color. Yes, I still tipped the 20 percent because the struggle is real in America. People, the struggle is fucking real.

Second of all, teenagers can’t help being cheap. THEY ARE FUCKING TEENAGERS! They can’t help being broke. Most of the time, they can’t tip at 20 percent. Mommy and Daddy, barely want to give them money.

Now, I would be mad at the situation too if people came in at closing time. I love my sleep- so if I had to stay an hour past my shift, I would turn into a huge Q.B.O.R. (Queen Bitch of Rage). However, that is your job!!!!!!!!!!!!! To be honest? Those people are called ‘the ratchets’. They come in all forms and sizes. They come in all races. Ratchets work in every field now a days. They do ratchet shit like that all the time.

Fuck some tea. I need some Patron now.

Kermit The Frog



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Functional Illiteracy Is Not Cute! America, do better!

So… we all have heard this by now about how Floyd Mayweather can’t read by 50 Cent. Then soon after, “The Breakfast Club” co-host Charlamagne Tha God unearthed a clip where Mayweather could be heard struggling to read a “drop”. For then on, the memes came with Mayweather.0

To be honest, that shit is not funny at all. I understand that a few people don’t like Mayweather because of his domestic violence past. Hell, I don’t condone domestic violence at all. I want to say again he is in the news for his ex?!

However, it’s very sad that many athletics/rappers can’t read or able to comprehend what the fuck they are signing with contracts; so of course, they are exploited for their talents over years. They are promised a luxurious life where millions, drugs, beautiful women and cars are worshiped. After their talents fade away, they are stuck with huge tax liens from the IRS. They find themselves filing bankruptcy and not be able to be employed because they can’t read a single damn sentence. It’s fucking sad.

Open Letter to Celebrities That Can’t Read:

Unless you have some time of disability that excuses you from being able to read, not being able to read is not fucking okay. Okay? Okay. I’m not apologizing for being this harsh. The future generation is watching you like a hawk, and if you’re giving vibes off that it’s okay to be illiterate, you need to have several seats. Don’t be ashamed of not being able to read. Be ashamed because, with all of the money that you have now, you don’t hold yourself accountable for being a role model for the young dreamers.

If you need some tutoring  hidden from the gossip sites, hit me up. I won’t tell anyone.  We can read books together. Seriously! Stop being another statistic.

Few Facts about Literacy in America:

  • 2/3 of students who cannot read proficiently by the end of 4th grade will end up in jail or on welfare. Over 70% of America’s inmates cannot read above a 4th grade level.
  • 1 in 4 children in America grow up without learning how to read.
  • Kids who don’t read proficiently by 4th grade are 4 times likelier to drop out of school.

john-henry-clark“Powerful people cannot afford to educate the people that they oppress, because once you are truly educated, you will not ask for power. You will take it.”
John Henrik Clarke

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Or We F***ing Or Nah?

What do you do when the one person whom you’ve been lusting over for the past year and half finally asks you over for dinner to their notable lake front cabin? Do you give in to the lust? Do you fuck on the first night?

After listening and blushing from hearing sweet nothings into my ear all night long, it looks like I’m here. I’m standing in her bedroom.

“Or we fucking or nah?” she boldly announced, unbuttoning my shirt as I shut my eyes forcefully.

Her succulent lips were suddenly latched onto my neck. I don’t know when my body betrayed me but a small moan escaped my mouth when she nonchalantly bit at my right shoulder.

My shirt fell down to the ground, leaving me dressed only in my red bra and G-string.

“You’re beautiful…” she whispered, taking a step back to admire what stood in front of her.

I took a huge pride in my body, working out as much as I could to keep and obtain this sculpted body frame.

Rubbing her chain and nodding her head, I could tell that she was contemplating her next move.

As the seconds began to creep by, I was beginning to feel bold in the situation.

I asked with a perfectly executed raised eyebrow, “Or we fucking or nah?”

She chuckled heartily, nodding her head towards the bed.

As she removed her white blouse, I made my way over to the other side of the bed.

I slowly inhaled as she unhurriedly let the shirt hit the hardwood floor.

Her abdomen flexed as she unbuttoned her slacks.

I swallowed hard as I reached to unhooked my bra.

She raised an eyebrow, stepping outside of her pants.

Her boxer briefs accentuated her hips.

I used my right arm to cover my breasts as I shimmied out of my now moisten panties.

She, then, removed her sports bra. “Drop them,” I said, pointing to the gray boxer briefs.

“When’s the last time you’ve had some good sex?” she asked with a small smirk, pulling the white duvet back.

I bashfully pulled the duvet to cover me up as I turned my head into her direction, “It’s been a minute.”

“Does it turn you on that I’m turned on by your voice solely?”

“Show me…”

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