“Mankind, Why Am I NOT Enough?”: The Story Told Before Thanksgiving of 2014

This is where I ask all of you when reading this to please keep all opinions to one’s self until you have fully read this; and if you’re reading this to someone, then I want all of you that is currently listening to shut your eyes and envision with your mind the imagery when taking this in… and simply take in my words as a nation united together as merely “one”.

We all were perched on the edge of our seats on the cold night of November twenty-fourth because we all wanted to hear the verdict of another court case that my own African-American culture needed an honest, untainted justification for.

A broken, and very much, a damaged country appeared finally to be united as a whole yet that is far from whatever we all want to believe.

If you want to judge these boys because of their behaviors when they were teenagers, then you are judging me and holding me to the standard of whom I use to be as a young girl and not as the woman who stands in front of you today. Let’s be honest, that is clearly an assassination of my integrity and character.

Isn’t it?

I’m just being honest.

Who is anyone to judge these boys, and many countless others, of their past behaviors that has been warped by nature and their environment? Reminder, these children haven’t even made it to their adult life to defend who they were supposed to be.

Like Darren Wilson and George Zimmerman, shouldn’t their memory be left alone and be set justly free?

Today, I’m calling out anyone who has brought up these boys’ preceding characters because the real topic is truly about police brutality that are killing our American kids.

One probable career choice is that yes, these young men could have grown into another black man statistic; living their life filled with the numerous of women as their babies’ mothers, selling a nickel there, a dime sack here to your own children… while you are too focused on being selfish within this nation.

Mankind, why am I NOT enough?

Another possible career choice is that they could’ve grown into being a world renowned researcher with the most systematic answer to beat out all AIDS cases and the different types of cancers.

It’s honestly too bad that we will never know that heartrending answer.

It’s very sad, and unfathomable, that these mothers won’t ever be able to get the chance to celebrate another holiday with their sons all because of a hatred that has been instilled in our souls since the beginning of our mere existence.

My question is- are you just living or now barely breathing?

Tonight, I want to ask you something, mankind.


Because our skin colors may differ, does that adequately translate into: “Mankind, why am I NOT enough?”

Is my culture, the African-American culture, so wrong to be asking for an answer during this time of another fucked up political decision?

Oh America, you are playing a very dangerous game of rattling angry souls.

Deep down, we all know how this story will unfold.

Right now, I want to be direct.

At this very moment, I just want to be truthful.

It’s my time to be blunt.

During this time within our nation, I want to scream with anguish.

I want to purge because my soul is quite famished.

Yes, I am asking you.

I AM begging you all- to feel all of my empathy.

No, I don’t want any pity.

My pain, etched in my soul, has been carried over from the harsh reality from historical hate crimes of these past centuries alone.

The irony is now that majority of all of you, want us all to be classified and labeled as citizens of an enormous humanity class.

You want the motto to be- we all are the same but yet one of a kind.

Now, you all want us to be peaceful yet nonjudgmental and blind.

If this is the case, I want you to muster up the strength to feel my spirit, deep down within my soul, as it trembles with anxiety and fear; to feel what I am feeling as I mourn and grieve alongside Mike Brown’s mother and father and Trayvon Martin’s parents because their son’s lives weren’t valued enough but someone determined on their own twisted, corrupted moral system that these boys were just “good enough” to be labeled as another casualty of our mankind’s fucked up brutality.

Please share the pain since you all want talk about mankind being as “one”.

We all know that the evident truth that can’t be ignored because of scientific facts that on the surface of things within our civilization…. at the end of the day when you strip away a person’s clothes, a person’s skin color, and a person’s flesh, we all bleed the same color, we all bleed as “one”.

Mankind, why am I NOT enough?

My “privileged” people of mankind, when you are spending your next holiday with your children, I want you to sit there and ponder.

 How does it feel to know that your children will always be known as “good enough” while your sister and brothers related through mankind, our humanity class, has to explain to their children why they are even good enough to sit with you and yours?

Doesn’t that bring your soul to tears?

Aren’t we all from the same humanity class?

So why must I teach my children a different life lesson than what you are preaching?

Aren’t we all the fucking same?

Are we all united as “one”?

                Again, Mankind, tell me, why my dark skin will never, ever be enough?



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Aaliyah Movie Told Through Memes & My Personal Thoughts

So…. I know you all have seen Lifetime’s rendition of Aaliyah’s life squeezed into two hours. Of course, I.G./Twitter/Facebook was going in last night. People were angry. Did they have a right to be angry? Hell yeah, they did! To be honest, I was furious. I couldn’t even believe that Lifetime was moving forward with this project without the blessing of the family. When Aaliyah passed away, I was a teen. I grew up listening to her music and her presence is still widely felt through the younger generation. Of course, I thought Aaliyah deserved true justice. The casting for this? No response. Regardless of the hidden secrets and lies of Aaliyah’s life, Lifetime and Wendy Williams, you fucked up this one. You should have just stopped. I’m not going to go in this morning like I want to because it’s not worth it.

*sips coffee*

Now, the movie narrated through pictures if you didn’t watch it….





IMG_0401 (1)



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Terms You Don’t Know (But Should) Related to the LGBT Community

By:  Sherrigoodlove

Updated 16:36 PM EDT, Fri October 24, 2014

It wasn’t long ago that the world was baffled at the notion that a man could love another man or woman love another woman. People didn’t understand a man’s desire to become a woman or a woman’s desire to become a man. Then, of course, there was the idea that those who loved both men and women were nothing more than confused. We’ve come a long way, and although it’s an ongoing journey, all of these characteristics of sexuality and identity are making progress as they become more accepted across the world.

gender symbolsHowever, there is still a lot of confusion about the LGBT community among those not associated with it. That’s true even at the most basic level of the movement—the terminology. And just as was written before on Mentalwriting.com while discussing issues of racism, just because you haven’t had to personally deal with something before “does not mean it’s some made up bullshit.”

Sure, it’s somewhat understandable that if something isn’t impacting you directly, it’s likely that your lack of exposure to it would lead to you being less informed. But there are some basics that even those not associated with the developments of the LGBT movement need to be made aware of.

As acknowledged by AdamEve.com in their LGBT Guide—the initialism that stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender—the acronym also occasionally includes “Q” when discussing members that identify as anyone who is non-heterosexual or non-cisgender. Given the rarity that it’s included in the initialism however, some are still confused as to what the “Q” stands for—don’t worry, I’ll explain the term cisgender later on as well.

The “Q” stands for “questioning” or “queer,” with “queer” only occasionally being used as an umbrella term to encompass all those that identify on some level with the community.

Then there’s the term cisgender. Cisgender refers to those who identify with the gender that matches the sex that they were born with. Oddly enough, the first time that a lot of people had ever even heard of the term was recently, thanks to the always-classy animated show Southpark.

As MusicTimes.com recapped in their article, the episode titled “The Cissy” involved the character Cartman dressing like a girl, wearing a pink bow and exploring his gender options through actions such as hanging out in the women’s restroom. Cartman isn’t really having gender identity issues, though; he’s just trying to scam the school system so they will build him his own bathroom. However, the show is at least partially responsible for bringing the term, as well as gender identity issues, into the spotlight as of late.

Even though the term has been around since the 1990s, “Cisgender” on Google trends has seen a dramatic spike within the last month. So much so in fact that it inspired an article from TheAtlantic.com posing the question “Will ‘Cisgender’ Survive?” While transgender has become a common term among the public, the article questions whether the current steam behind the term cisgender is enough to solidify it for identification purposes in the future.

And yet, the recent popularity of the term has been met with scrutiny within the LGBT community. On HuffingtonPost.com they described a divide between homosexuals who also identify as cis. Some transgender members apparently see it as a as an overt advertisement of privilege because they haven’t had to deal with the same oppression. Now, this isn’t true across all individuals, but again, just because some haven’t experienced it, “does not mean it’s some made up bullshit.”

Today, there’s a lot of information about sexuality that could take a person years to understand in its entirety. But just to make sure you don’t sound like a fucking idiot, it’s helpful to at least have a handle on the terminology.

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Kimberly Guilfoyle On Young Women Voting: ‘Go Back on Tinder’ My Reply: Bish WHET?!

I swear I was minding my own business when I came across what was trending for today.

Kimberly Guilfoyle, one of the current hosts of “The Five” (FOX NEWS), said on Tuesday that young women should excuse themselves from voting in the upcoming elections because they basically don’t share the same “life experience” as older women and should just go back to playing around Tinder and Match.com.

image (1)

On the real though, Fox News can be described as being “TRASH” can we say. Fox News, come for me…. Please!!!! I would love a segment on Fox as being the voice for being solelydownload (1) unadulterated and raw. You wouldn’t need to censor me at all. I represent the group that society needs to be scared of. Kelly Rowland once said, “Yeah, I be the one that they love mention…”

To be straightforward and nondiscriminatory, anyone who watches Fox News should be excused from voting with their biased, no common sense looking ass.

Look, Kimberly, girl, I don’t know you but I would love to get know you. You’re really pretty. Like, OMG! You model or nah??

Okay, okay… back to being serious.

When I reading what was trending from your mouth, I was honestly like this.


I had to tell my subconscious to stay calm and collected and to not pop off.


GORLLLLLL, I thought Mitt Romney was here again.binder-romney-meme-generator-got-those-bitches-a-binder-bitches-love-binders-fffe57

“I went to a number of women’s groups and said: ‘Can you help us find folks,’ and they brought us whole binders full of women.”-Mitt Romney

What happened to women empowerment in 2014 and all of the back history when it comes to women being able to vote in the first fucking place? I’m all about voicing opinions but statements like that shit? Ignorant as fuck!

It’s already extremely hard for women to even compete in a “man dominated” workplace so you want them to not vote for daily issues because of they lack ‘life experience’? Um, to be real…. I know young women who has been on streets since they were 11/12 and have seen everything unimaginable. So, at 18, you’re telling me that you want them to not voice because they aren’t “45” years in age?

I’m going to need you clear this up, Kimberly.

I’m not Oprah or Gayle. I’m just a woman trying to figure out if I shouldn’t vote because I need to keep my ass on Match.com. *holds up hands*


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Parenting in 2014: These New Age Parents GOT TO GO!

What’s your daily regime of starting your day? Let me guess… With only one eye open, you scroll/troll your Facebook and Instagram accounts? Sometimes, Twitter makes the cut, right? What?! Don’t look at me with those little squinty eyes. I start my day by refreshing the browsers open on my Safari in my iPhone. *sips teas* TMZ, MediaTakeOut, and Bossip on my side chicks. Buzzfeed, Heavy, and Listverse are my mistresses. Lastly, CNN and HLN are my wives. *sips more tea* I’m a worldly chick. *inserts fake laugh*

So, one story that I do want to talk about this morning is the one from Memphis, Tennessee. *pulls down reading glasses* Parents and students claimed on Monday that a 14-year-old girl was committing sexual acts in the boys’ bathroom, sometimes for $5 and other times for free. Another kicker was that she also was doing this with multiple students per day.



Today, I wanted to sleep in until noon but with this troubling story? I told myself that I needed to get the fuck up out of the bed and blog the hell out of this one. I really don’t want to go in this morning. However, I need to do it before black Twitter get a hold to this one.

No tea, no shade.

First, I don’t know this child’s past or her current environment. I don’t know if she has parents or if she is living in poverty. Nevertheless, this story should touch parent’s hearts everywhere. Mentalwriting? Do you have children? No. I don’t have any children. Also, I’m not a stepparent to any children. I do have some morals and common sense that most new age parents lack.

I do have a question that is lingering in my mind like everyone with a fucking conscious should have.


*holds Iyanla Vanzant back with one arm*


Iyanla, girl, I got this.

*sips tea that is now filled with Patron and pulls off reading glasses*

Dear Ratchet Ass Parents,

Let’s clear the air… I’m not singling out one racial class either in this post. This is to the parents who claim to be best friendimages with their bad ass kids. This is to the parents who is “thot” walking with their children on Instagram and Twitter. This is to the parents who is clubbing with their underage delinquents in King of Diamonds. This is to the parents who don’t punish their kids when the kids yell back- like they pay fucking bills. The fuck?! This is to the parents who let their kids run rampant in Hollywood alone and then ten years later, you discover why little Billy got emotional problems. This is to the parents who spoiled their children with the latest accessories but the child can’t read a lick of anything.

I once heard that there will never be such a thing- “good parenting”. Let’s be real… there is a fucking thing called “raising your damn child like you got some fucking common sense”. Yes, raising children is an incredibly hard and risky task. Remember, you’re raising the next generation. Do you honestly think that raising a “thot” will be the world’s best doctor? I try not to judge but if a “thot” walked into my gynecologist appointment with the clipboard, do you think I want her to give me any medical advice. Lol. Okay, okay… Not funny.  Parents, you don’t need to be your children’s friends when they are growing up. That’s why elementary school, middle school, and high school exist; besides for educational purposes, of course. Those are the times when your children will be discovering and developing their own social life and skills. You just need to be there to catch them with love and care.

*someone whispers in my ear to cut this special*

You get the point, right?

Parents, do the fuck better.

P.S.: Mentalwriting needs a show. VH1 and Bravo, I’m your girl. Fuck a reality show. Give a talk show to this girl here. WHAT? *twirls nonexistent hair* I’m just saying.

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Honest Commentary About BET’s Hip-Hop Awards

I’m finally able to give my thoughts and opinions over the BET’s Hip Hop Awards this year. And if you do decide to “come for me”? Girl/Boy, bye. Okay…. Okay…. Okay…. It has been a few days since they aired. Last night, I was again in tears from re-watching it with my roommate. To be honest, the show had me learning lines like this was Comic View. I do want to say that Uncle Snoop was very comical and entertaining. Mentalwriting, can you envision Uncle Snoop as a host for the Oscars or Emmys? We aren’t talking about other award shows now- are we? We are talking about BET’s Hip Hop Awards. *gives side eye* He’s funny. Now, we would need to work on the marijuana jokes or on whoever was working the damn prompter. *gives side eye to BET’s President Debra Lee*

Even though children shouldn’t be watching this awards show, we know they are. Let’s push children to at least finish high school before pursuing a life of music and smoking weed all day. I’m all about passions and dreams. You can’t tell me anything about being a writer. Shit, I bleed being a writer.


I fucks with Common! To Mike Brown’s parents, I wish you nothing but comfort during this time in the nation. I have never lost a child but I know the pain that you two carry every day is very inflexible. Stay strong. You two, along with Trayvon’s parents, are now parents to us all.

Now, let’s talk about David Banner’s verse in the cypher. To be hKermit The Frogonest, his bars were very profound and emotion provoking. He killed it for social justice. The lines from his verse that is the most memorable for me were- “How you proud to sell dope to your own folks, nigga?” and “Where the white rappers when they mowed Mike Brown?” *sips teas*

Another highlight was MC Lyte, Yo-Yo, Brandy and Queen Latifah on the stage. I was fangirling hard over them. Probably, cheesing harder than Nelly. I have an older sister so the 80s & 90s has always been my thing. I appreciate her for sitting me down at an early age and showing me Groove Theory and TLC.

Can someone give Murda Mook a deal already?

Lil’ Terio? Jokes aside. Michelle Obama implemented a program called, Let’s Move. Beyoncé even collaborated with this epidemic by making a video with children.

My niece at the time was 10 when this video was made. My niece made me everyday dance to this because she was worried about my health. Now, it’s time to be worried about Lil’ Terio and his killin’ ‘em career. First, childhood obesity is NOT OKAY. It will never be okay. Secondly, you all need to stop exploiting these damn kids.

Keyshia Cole…. Were you okay that day/night? You came on stage looking a little disheveled. I know what goes on in dressing rooms. I’m praying for you.

The rest of show? Just ratchet bullshit. I’m not going to say anything about what Hip-Hop have come too. I just thank God every day for Common and other old school rappers. However, I do want to say that it is very sad watching the BET’s Hip-Hop awards because we all know the harsh truth. In a few years, some of those rappers will be washed up. Unless, you speak very articulate and are able to comprehend these damn contracts with these companies or you have some type of college degree, you’re not going much further than that.

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Absolute Freedom

Originally posted on Literary.Land.of.Alysia:


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