Open Letter to #Starkeisha

Hello Beautiful People,

By now, you should know about Starkeisha, who Starkeisha is, and what Starkeisha is. If you honestly do not know who she is, take a fabulous moment to search Google for her. If you do, I’m moving forward with this post. She’s notorious online like Scarface. She is currently trending on Twitter and other social websites because she beat up her friend. Smdh. It’s such a crazy world that we live in. Now a days, you have parents who support bullying like it’s a second nature trait of parenting. First, I don’t know Starkeisha and I can’t judge Starkeisha. As a teen, I was very foolish but promoting malicious attacks over the internet as if this behavior is okay? Adults, we must draw the line somewhere.

Open Letter:

Hi Starkeisha,

First, you do not know me but you can get to know me if you need a positive mentor in your life who will push you forward throughout life. I’m not about to attack you like other bloggers or tell you that you did a great job with this fight because it’s not my place to judge you. Sometimes, situations can get the best of us because our anger tries to rectify the situation with violence. As a teen and a young adult, I was very angry because of my environment, parents, and other trivial things in life. I loved fighting because it gave me a certain release; but over the years, I realized not only was I hurting my loved ones but myself with this vicious cycle.


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3 Responses to Open Letter to #Starkeisha

  1. luluchris58 says:

    I love this! Thank you for adding my post to your related post. I love that you reached out to her.

  2. Cakalac_Honey says:

    Starkeisha and her parents need therapy. I hate how as a people glorify foolishness! I am raising my child to be respectful and to walk away from ignorance but trust and believe had Starkeisha attacked my daughter – I would be looking for her.

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